Who We Are
Galloway Shepperd is a specialized Asset Manager providing practical investment and business solutions for family offices, sophisticated investors and financial institutions. 
We are strategic in our focus with extensive experience and business acumen.  We know global business.  We know supply chains, we know and talk the real language of business and what it takes to succeed in a business deal, or in an investment opportunity.
We provide much greater value to our clients with our deal flow.  Our proprietary club deals and investment opportunities are engineered to maximize actual investment in deals and minimize extraneous costs, fees and administrative expense. 
We have also streamlined the investment decision process to help you focus on making the right decision for your situation. Our structures are simple and cost efficient with fees based on performance that can be easily calculated by the investor. 
How many times have you tried to calculate what your real return was, or was not in an investment from a typical asset management company?  Could you ever find out what you really netted on a transaction?  There is beauty in simplicity and clarity.  
We are strategic investors ourselves and share what we feel are solid strategic investments for you from our expert team, our esteemed advisory boards and network of family offices and investment partners in Europe and around the world.  It may be an investment in a business, real estate, or a range of financial categories.  Each time, there is a strategy to the investment, generating real growth, value and results for those involved.  This can be seen in the creation of Galloway Shepperd Deep Value Investments, Ltd. (Guernsey)  and  Galloway Shepperd Special Opportunities PCC, Ltd. (Guernsey) We put our principles to work in every investment, every day!