We are very proud to announce that Galloway Capital Partners, LLC, filed notice with the Securities & Exchange Commission (“SEC”) of an ownership position of 2.33% in Imperial Petroleum, Inc. (NASDAQ: IMPP). This company is one of several identified by our global team as a target investment for Galloway Shepperd Deep Value Investment Ltd. (Guernsey) (“GSDVI”).

This recent SEC 13D filing by Galloway Capital Partners and its affiliates continues a strategy which they have pursued many times over the past 20 years. The filing was reported in the September 9th,2023 issue of Barrons. Their proven strategy is to acquire a position in a company that is undervalued and not followed by major financial institutions. When possible, the team at Galloway Capital will work with management to make changes in their business and are soon discovered by the market with substantial increase in stock value.

"Our position is now a matter of public record, and we hope to effectuate changes to significantly increase shareholder value in the next year," stated Bruce Galloway, shareholder in Galloway Shepperd Asset Management, Ltd. and Chief Investment Officer of Galloway Capital in the US.

The average annual returns for Galloway Capital are 45% percent in the past 5 years.

With his global research team, Galloway has identified 50 “unloved” stocks to be acquired by Galloway Shepperd Deep Value Investments. He has identified 10 positions in which he would like to acquire a larger position and take actions to either increase shareholder value or acquire. Many of these companies which have been identified by Galloway generate significant revenue and income, or own substantial assets far in excess of their market capitalization.

"We hope the management team of Imperial understands that we want to work with them and increase shareholder value for all the shareholders” stated Gary Hermann, COO of Galloway Capital in the US and Galloway Shepperd.

Value creation will not stop there. A second company has been established in Guernsey to acquire interests in companies like Imperial, to keep them public or take them private to create shareholder value. "We want to know what is on the R&D table, or how they want to grow so we can take them there. We will be there to see the R&D come into new products, or services." "We are long term strategic investors," says Frederick M. Shepperd, partner with Galloway in both Guernsey companies and founder of his family office, Shepperd Investors AG in Zug, Switzerland.

That second company is Galloway Shepperd Special Investments, Ltd. (Guernsey) and Mr. Shepperd is the CEO. "We work hand-in-hand with Bruce to develop these unloved companies and assist management to grow their businesses." Mr. Shepperd has worked with public and private companies to develop global supply chains, open new markets, or establish production around the world, Shepperd looks forward to what can be done with companies like Imperial.

Mr. Galloway stated, "For us, Imperial it is just the beginning of a number of filings we anticipate over the next few months."

Dr. Frederick M. Shepperd, 
Zurich, Switzerland